A Gentle Introduction Best Crypto App For Beginners

Embarking on your journey into the world of cryptocurrencies? Look no further! Our guide is here to provide a gentle introduction to the best crypto app for beginners.

Dive into the realm of digital assets with confidence as we explore user-friendly platforms and tools tailored to newcomers. Let’s make your entry into the crypto space smooth and enjoyable.

Top 15 best crypto app for beginners

Coinbase: Your First Step into Crypto

Coinbase, established in 2012, is an excellent choice for beginners looking to venture into the world of cryptocurrency. With its user-friendly platform, Coinbase has played a pivotal role in making crypto accessible to anyone, anywhere. It offers a trusted and easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for those new to digital currencies.

One standout feature for newcomers is Coinbase’s educational program, which rewards users with cryptocurrencies for completing lessons, effectively paying users to learn. This feature adds value and encourages learning in a risk-free environment. Additionally, Coinbase is known for its strong emphasis on security and compliance, which instills confidence in users.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Coinbase boasts an intuitive and user-friendly platform, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency traders.
  • Wide Range of Supported Cryptocurrencies: Coinbase offers a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies for trading and investment, catering to a broad spectrum of user preferences.
  • Security Measures: The platform prioritizes security, with features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and insurance coverage for digital assets, providing users with a sense of safety.


  • Limited Geographic Availability: Some users may find that Coinbase is not available in their region, restricting access to the platform.

Binance: A User-Friendly Platform for Beginners

Binance, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, is an ideal platform for beginners. It consistently ranks as the top exchange, making it a reliable choice. With over 350 cryptocurrencies available, beginners have ample options for diversification through spot trading, margin trading, and futures contracts.

For those seeking low-risk opportunities, Binance offers staking, mining, and lending options with regulated risk. Auto-investing in 16 portfolios simplifies the investment process. Binance’s user-friendly interface, extensive cryptocurrency offerings, and regulated investment options make it an excellent starting point for newcomers looking to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.


  • Popular Among Traders: Binance is one of the top exchanges worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of traders using it. This suggests a large user base and liquidity.
  • Conservative Approach: The exchange has a conservative approach, which includes limits on arbitrage and a dislike for high-frequency trading practices like pump and dump schemes. This can provide a safer trading environment.
  • Fast Execution: Binance is known for its excellent execution speed compared to other platforms, which can be crucial for traders looking to make quick transactions.


  • Withdrawal Limits: While verification can be skipped, there is a limitation on withdrawal of up to 2 BTC for unverified accounts, which could be a drawback for users who want higher withdrawal limits without extensive verification.

Kraken: Your Reliable Partner in the World of Cryptocurrency

Kraken stands out as one of the most venerable and resilient cryptocurrency exchanges in the market today. With the constant threat of hacks plaguing the industry, finding a dependable exchange is paramount, and Kraken ticks all the essential boxes. 

Kraken simplifies the crypto trading experience by enabling direct fiat-to-crypto transactions. Offering a diverse portfolio, it provides access to over 50 cryptocurrencies for trading in the United States. 

This comprehensive selection allows users to explore a wide range of investment opportunities, all within a secure and trusted platform. Kraken’s unwavering commitment to safety and extensive coin options make it a top choice for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


  • Kraken holds a unique US banking license, a coveted and challenging achievement in the crypto industry.
  • Offers five different trading interfaces, catering to various levels of trading complexity, unlike most exchanges that provide only one.
  • Users can leverage their digital assets by staking them in Kraken’s ‘Earn’ accounts, with the potential to earn up to 20% annually.


  • US citizens are restricted from trading fiat-to-fiat pairs; however, they can access a wide range of crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto pairs.

Gemini: Simplifying Cryptocurrency for Novices

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange established by the well-known Olympian twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, is a reputable platform located in New York. It is lauded for its commitment to security and strict adherence to US regulatory frameworks, making it a trustworthy choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

Gemini’s meticulous coin listing procedure and the inclusion of insurance coverage for user deposits further reinforce its dedication to safeguarding users’ assets.

For newcomers in the crypto arena, Gemini offers a user-friendly default exchange interface that simplifies the trading process. 

This interface includes easy-to-understand line charts (omitting candlesticks) and limits trading options to basic market buys and sells, making it particularly accessible to beginners. 


  • Segregated platforms catering to both novice and experienced traders.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of financial products.
  • Boasts cybersecurity and data protection certifications, prioritizing user security.


  • Limited cryptocurrency selection with around 100 options.

Crypto.com: Your Gateway to the World of Digital Assets

Crypto.com is an ideal platform for cryptocurrency beginners. Their user-friendly exchange simplifies buying, selling, and trading digital currencies. With secure wallet services and a crypto debit card, newcomers can easily manage and spend their assets.

Crypto.com also offers staking opportunities for earning rewards, making it a great starting point for investment. What sets it apart is its dedication to educating users about decentralized finance (DeFi). Users can earn interest on crypto holdings and dive into the exciting world of DeFi projects.

In summary, Crypto.com’s all-in-one ecosystem caters to newcomers, providing a seamless entry into the cryptocurrency world. With its user-friendly interface, security features, and educational resources, it’s an excellent choice for those just beginning their cryptocurrency journey.


  • Crypto Integration: Crypto.com offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies for trading and investment, making it a comprehensive platform for crypto enthusiasts.
  • User-Friendly App: The Crypto.com mobile app is user-friendly and provides a seamless experience for buying, selling, and managing digital assets.
  • Staking Rewards: Users can earn attractive staking rewards by locking up their cryptocurrencies on the platform, potentially increasing their holdings over time.


  • Limited Availability: Crypto.com services are not available in all countries, restricting access for potential users in certain regions.

eToro: Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easy for Beginners

eToro is a trusted platform for beginners entering the world of cryptocurrency trading. It offers a wide range of digital currencies with transparent pricing, making it ideal for confident trading. The user-friendly interface fosters a vibrant crypto community, allowing users to connect and learn from each other.

eToro keeps users informed with customized notifications and real-time market data. The Smart Portfolio and CopyTraderâ„¢ technology make investing easier for beginners, allowing them to follow expert strategies. Overall, eToro is a secure, user-friendly, and informative choice for those new to cryptocurrency trading.


  • Strong Security: eToro emphasizes industry-leading security systems, assuring users that their accounts are well-protected against unauthorized access.
  • Cash Segregation: Users’ cash is kept separate from eToro corporate funds and is held at reputable financial institutions, enhancing the safety of their investments.
  • Reputation: eToro boasts over a decade of experience in the financial industry, establishing itself as a trusted and well-established brand.
  • Privacy Protection: eToro commits to not sharing private or sensitive user information without their explicit permission, prioritizing user privacy.


  • Limited Financial Services: eToro primarily focuses on social trading and cryptocurrency investments, which may not provide a wide range of financial services compared to traditional brokerage firms.
best crypto app for beginners

Bitstamp: A Beginner-Friendly Platform for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Bitstamp, a cryptocurrency exchange since 2011, is an ideal choice for beginners due to its unwavering commitment to security, transparency, and regulation. With over 4 million customers worldwide, they prioritize a customer-centric approach.

Bitstamp has earned an impressive AA rating as the world’s top-rated crypto exchange in CryptoCompare’s Exchange Benchmark report, emphasizing their dedication to a secure financial system. They uphold the belief that ‘Your crypto is always yours,’ ensuring easy access to your assets.

Bitstamp’s global presence, supported by approximately 500 professionals across offices in Luxembourg, Singapore, Slovenia, the UK, and the USA, offers newbies a reassuring level of support. 


  • Competitive trading fees
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers an advanced trading platform
  • Highly-rated mobile app for on-the-go trading
  • Diverse selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Opportunity to earn rewards through crypto staking


  • Limited availability of some major cryptocurrencies

CoinEx: Your Entry Point into the World of Crypto for Beginners

CoinEx is an excellent choice for beginners venturing into cryptocurrency trading. Operating in over 200 countries, it offers a user-friendly platform with multilingual support, making crypto trading simple and accessible worldwide. 

What sets CoinEx apart is its innovative Shield Fund, providing an extra layer of security for your assets, ensuring peace of mind for newcomers. Additionally, the platform offers various financial options like Dock, AMM, Financial Account, and Pledging, catering to individual preferences and strategies. 

In summary, CoinEx’s ease of use, global reach, and security measures make it an ideal starting point for those new to cryptocurrency trading.


  • Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies: CoinEx offers a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies for trading, including many popular and lesser-known tokens, allowing users to explore various investment opportunities.
  • Competitive Trading Fees: CoinEx offers relatively low trading fees compared to many other cryptocurrency exchanges, which can be appealing to traders looking to minimize their transaction costs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced traders. The intuitive interface and straightforward navigation enhance the overall user experience.


  • Regulatory Concerns: Like many other cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinEx may be subject to regulatory scrutiny and changes in regulations in different jurisdictions, which can affect its services and operations.
best crypto app for beginners

Exodus: A User-Friendly Crypto Wallet and Platform for Beginners

Exodus is a cryptocurrency platform that truly caters to beginners. With a user-friendly interface available on desktop, mobile, and hardware wallets, it simplifies the often complex world of cryptocurrencies. The team at Exodus pays meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring a seamless and visually pleasing experience.

What sets Exodus apart is its commitment to eliminating the need for technical expertise. It’s designed for everyone, whether you’re a novice or an experienced user. There’s no jargon or confusing steps to contend with, making it an ideal choice for beginners who want to dip their toes into the world of digital assets.

Exodus not only offers a secure environment for managing your cryptocurrencies but also facilitates easy swaps between different assets. Overall, Exodus combines simplicity, security, and accessibility, making it the perfect choice for those looking to start their cryptocurrency journey hassle-free.


  • Multi-Currency Support: Exodus supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, making it convenient for users with diverse crypto portfolios.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: Exodus offers desktop, mobile, and Web3 versions, ensuring accessibility across various devices and platforms.
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Management: The wallet provides tools and features to manage your crypto portfolio efficiently, including a built-in exchange and portfolio tracking.


  • Spread Fees on Crypto Swaps: Exodus charges spread fees on crypto swaps, which can make the exchange rates less favorable for users compared to some other platforms.

Trust Wallet: Your Secure Gateway to Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Trust Wallet is an ideal choice for beginners stepping into the world of cryptocurrency. It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the often complex crypto experience. Trust Wallet stands out with its easy setup and intuitive design, making it accessible for newcomers. 

Additionally, the wallet supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, providing versatility for those exploring various digital assets. With robust security features and the option to control private keys, Trust Wallet ensures the safety of your funds while allowing you to maintain full control. 

For beginners seeking a reliable and beginner-friendly crypto wallet, Trust Wallet is a trustworthy choice.


  • Cost-effective option
  • Extensive support for 4.5+ million digital assets, including ERC-20 tokens
  • Enhanced security with transaction confirmation through device buttons
  • Open-source and non-custodial wallet for user control
  • User-friendly setup and operation
  • Ability to operate on potentially malware-infected computers


  • Lacks hierarchical deterministic feature for advanced security
  • Limited customer support, potentially impacting user satisfaction

CoinMarketCap: Your Resource for Tracking Cryptocurrency Prices

CoinMarketCap is an ideal starting point for cryptocurrency beginners. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the complex world of digital currencies. It provides essential information like current prices, market capitalization, and trading volume for top cryptocurrencies.

What sets CoinMarketCap apart is its educational content. It offers articles, guides, and tutorials that explain the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This is invaluable for newcomers.

The mobile app ensures users can access real-time data and updates conveniently. CoinMarketCap is an essential tool for beginners, providing information and a user-friendly platform to kickstart their cryptocurrency journey.

best crypto app for beginners

OKEx: Navigating the Crypto World with Confidence

OKX Exchange, formerly OKEX, is a well-established cryptocurrency platform dating back to 2016. It has recently undergone a rebranding and platform update, offering an array of features that are particularly beginner-friendly. While originally designed for active traders, OKX now provides opportunities for newcomers to explore the crypto market.

Beginners can start with spot trading and gradually venture into Futures, perpetual swaps, and options. Furthermore, OKX offers an earn section, an NFT marketplace, crypto loans, Jumpstart launchpad, crypto trading bots, and participation in DOT slot auctions. 

These user-friendly features make OKX an excellent choice for those new to crypto, offering a comprehensive and accessible platform for trading, earning, and navigating the cryptocurrency world.

Uphold: A Simple and Secure Crypto Platform for Newcomers

Uphold is an ideal platform for beginners exploring the world of digital finance. Operating in over 184 countries and supporting 200+ currencies, Uphold offers seamless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance services. 

Its unique ‘Anything-to-Anything’ trading feature enables users to effortlessly trade between different asset classes while incorporating embedded payments. Uphold has a solid track record, having facilitated over $4 billion in transactions since 2015, and it prioritizes safety, transparency, fairness, and affordability in financial services. 

This user-friendly platform opens doors for individuals and businesses worldwide, making it a top choice for those looking to access global financial services with ease.

CoinStats: Your Comprehensive Crypto Portfolio Tracker

CoinStats is the ideal starting point for crypto beginners. With over a million active users, it simplifies tracking and managing your crypto, DeFi, and NFT assets in real-time. You can connect 300+ wallets, access 70 blockchains, and utilize 1000 DeFi protocols all in one user-friendly platform. 

CoinStats even offers a DeFi wallet for secure storage, buying, and swapping of cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2017 by Narek Gevorgyan, this platform was born out of a genuine need and has since grown to manage over $100 million in assets. It’s on a mission to empower newcomers by providing an easy-to-use solution for effectively managing their crypto portfolios.

Delta: Simplify Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Delta Investment Tracker, launched in 2017, has garnered a sizable following thanks to its commitment to continuous improvement. While not a crypto exchange, it excels as a portfolio and crypto tracking tool, accommodating investors of all levels.

Delta’s user-friendly interface and the ability to monitor various investments, including non-crypto assets, make it a valuable resource, particularly for beginners. Although it may not cater to the advanced needs of professional crypto traders, Delta Investment Tracker provides an essential foundation for effective investment management, making it a must-try tool for investors looking to keep tabs on their assets.


In conclusion, these 15 essential apps simplify cryptocurrency investing for novices like myself. With user-friendly wallets and informative tracking tools, they offer a solid foundation for navigating the crypto landscape. Downloading these apps is a smart step to start your journey towards financial empowerment. They provide the convenience and simplicity needed to confidently explore digital assets. 

As a novice investor, I can vouch for their effectiveness in making crypto accessible. So, don’t hesitate, grab these apps, start learning, and watch your crypto portfolio flourish. Happy investing!

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